Marriott Oceanwatch – $495

Two bedroom two bath oceanside/gardenview silver season (float weeks 5-8, 37-48), annual use villa. First available use and maintenance fee in 2018, reservation secured for the buyer for September 14-21 2018; the 2017 maintenance fees were paid in the amount of $1,415.30. Buyer to pay closing costs of $350 which includes transfer, closing, escrow, recording and waiver fees. Licensed real estate broker with Timeshare Liquidation Service, LLC (WA license #113330), BBB accredited and rated A+, reputable closing and escrow company.

Resort: Marriott Oceanwatch
Location: Myrtle Beach SC
Size: 2 Bed / 2 Bath
Week #: 5-8,37-48
Unit #: Floating
Usage: Annual
First Usage: 2018
View: Oceanside/garden
Price: $495
Closing Costs: $350
Est. Maintenance: $1,415

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