How to borrow star options


If you would like to use your Starwood Vacation Network timeshare in the present use year but do not have sufficient star options, you can borrow from the next year usage.

You can only borrow star options for reservations made 90 days or less in advance – e.g. on June 1st, 2015, you can make reservations with borrowed star options for June through August 2015.

You will need to pre-pay the maintenance fee for the year you are borrowing from. The maintenance fees are actually not billed until the end of the year for the subsequent year usage (e.g. 2015 maintenance fees will be billed at the end of 2015, and will be due early 2016), but you can pre-pay an estimated maintenance fee equal to the current year. Then, when fees are actually billed, you will pay the difference if there is an increase.

You can borrow from the next year star options for an annual ownership by prepaying the next year maintenance fees; e.g. you can borrow 2016 star options to be used in 2015 by prepaying the 2016 maintenance fees.

However, for a biennial ownership, you can only borrow from an odd year to an odd year, and from an even year to an even year. For example, you can borrow 2017 star options to use in 2015 by prepaying the 2016 and 2017 maintenance fees, but you cannot borrow 2017 star options to use them in 2016.

Reservations using borrowed star options cannot be made online, they can only be made by calling owner services.   You can only borrow the exact amount of star options needed to make the reservation.

If a reservation made with borrowed star options is canceled, the star options will be returned to the use year they came from, with the regular penalties and restrictions (e.g. star options from a reservation canceled less than 60 days in advance will be restricted to booking 60 days in advance).

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